Back in 2010, while awaiting the arrival of my unborn son, I decided to purchase a "good" camera to take pictures of him.  I decided on a DSLR because I was under the impression that buying an expensive camera would equate to taking professional quality photos.  I soon learned that, though I could take high quality photos, they were far from professional level work.  Back then, I had no other objective but to document the growth of my son.  I did a little studying and in 2011, I was asked by friends to shoot their engagement photos.  I took the little knowledge that I had attained from my studies and applied it to the way I took the photos.  The engagement shoot turned out better than expected.  This sparked my interest and the studying continued. 5 years later, I have attained a great deal of knowledge and continue to be eager to learn more everyday.  The same excitement I felt in my first shoot, I take with me into every photo session.  In every wedding, engagement shoot, baby and maternity session etc..., I hope to capture the perfect moment that you will cherish a lifetime.